Thanks Marquis


       We would like to thank Marquis for “The 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.”

A Christian’s Fishing Net


Why didn’t Jesus Christ, who was a minister of the Gospel go into the temple and be joined to the existing ministry and priests officiating to the people? Instead, Jesus went to the Sea of Galilee and the first men He commanded to follow Him were fishermen.    Matthew 4:18,  And when Jesus walking by the … Continued



The name Jerusalem, as a city, has had its highs and lows from almost the beginning of man’s history. What is it about Jerusalem that makes many want to live in it, own it, or conquer it? After all, isn’t Jerusalem the same as any other city? Evidently not! Not as far as God is … Continued

To Eat or Not to Eat (part 2)


Why has God said that everything in His creation is good? When we look on the things that are made according to the written word, we find that He has created food for our consumption and scavengers to keep our planet clean. Both are good. But why? Is there a greater purpose for His children … Continued

Church of God


Music -lyrics by Marcello J Garzillo             Church Of God There are many churches who are called God’s Church, so how do you know what churches are raised up by God and those who are not. God’s church, the many member body of Christ, are those who claim His promises. … Continued

Why is it that God Hated Esau?


Someone once told me that opening the pages of the Bible is like entering a movie theater after the movie has started. Its impossible to understand what has taken place without starting at the beginning of the movie, and so it is with the Bible. We tend to draw story lines and our own conclusions … Continued

Book of Job


When we open the Book of Job, the first verse holds Job in a very favorable light, for we read: Job 1:1, There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright and one that feared God and eschewed evil. Job was perfect and upright, … Continued

How Did Christ Defeat Satan, that is, Death ?


When we examine the Scriptures carefully, we see the wisdom, the plan, and the operation of God, in the creating and the raising of men, male and female, from the physical realm, to His Spiritual realm. That was God’s purpose from the very beginning, not as some suppose, to improve the behavior of men. And, … Continued

Count The Number of the Beast


Some might say that the book of Revelation is written to identify certain signs and warnings to be exposed or occur during our day, that is, after Jesus Christ crucifixion and ascension as a perfect sacrifice. Looking into the matter more closely, we will see that it is not. The Book of Revelation is of … Continued